5 Live Chat Support Mistakes That Are Affecting Your Brand Reputation

Live Chat Software Introduction Live chat support is a great way to resolve the issues of customers. It not only looks and feels like an updated feature, but also helps keep the customer engaged with your business. If the execution of this technology is correctly conducted, it can work wonders. Not only will it save man power of your company, but also save time – yours and the customer’s. But the execution of the technology should be perfectly carried out in order to satisfy and resolve the customer issue. The support system should be reliable enough so that it performs its expected functions even in the absence of human interference. With the advancement of technology, every business or brand is trying to influence their system and, with it, their customers. At the same time, these brands are also committing many mistakes which are hindering the growth of their business. You must stay clear of these errors. As a result of such errors, these live chat support system end up agitating the customers rather than helping them. Ultimately, the customer loses confidence in your brand. If you make these mistakes, your will not only stop the growth of the business but also damage the reputation of your brand. What are the Top Live Chat Mistakes that are Affecting Your Brand? Following is the list of top 5 live chat support mistakes that can affect the reputation of your brand or business: 1) Too Much Activity for the Customer Whenever a customer approaches the live chat support to seek help, then there are many useless formalities which he or she needs to complete. It becomes an excessively complicated process which is too much for any customer. Every customer wants to jump to the main issue but live chat support system keeps asking useless details, which infuriates the customer. Sometimes the brands live chat support asks for layer after layer of information before they provide them any assistance. Such a process might be acceptable for the sake of gathering data, but is terrible from the perspective of the customer. No doubt, it is important to collect information from customers. But the quantity of such data must be optimal. Anything more and the interaction becomes a stressful exercise. For a more personalized experience, gathering basic information such as name, email and location is enough. To make this system more efficient, avoid asking information which you will never use. Good live chat software embedded in the business processes can counter this mistake. It will help gather only the necessary information and save the efforts of the customer. 2) Making Your Customers Wait For Too Long It is a common occurrence in the live chat support system that the customers wait for too long. This practice can really damage your business. The average first response time is 48 seconds which is too long to wait for support. According to a survey, 20% customers of the age group 16-22 would stop using a brand if the live chat responses are too slow. The main reason behind this problem is that the brand tries to show that that they are available even if they are not. Another possible reason is that they have few people to deal with a large number of customer support requests. Time is a priceless entity and nobody wants to wait unnecessarily, especially when they want support immediately. It should be the duty of your customer support staff to provide support on time. Using live chat software can be beneficial for your brand to provide faster response. With this software, your company can provide a wider range of options to solve customer issues. 3) Too Much Automation Automation can play a key role in growth and progress of the business. It saves a lot of time, money and man power. It helps in creating uniformity and consistency in the business processes. But excess of anything is always harmful. It is a misconception among many brands that customer wants an automated style of support to resolve their issues. They believe, automation provides the customer a controlled and formal conversation. Online customers are already surrounded by automation when they reach out to the support system to seek help. Some issues are unique and automation is ill equipped to handle them. Such issues can be solved by human interaction only. We have to accept the fact that despite all its capabilities, technology cannot do some things which humans can. According to a study, 52% of customers prefer a business where the support process is more personalized rather than one which depends on artificial intelligence. 4) Untrained Staff Investing in a low level staff can cost you heavily. Untrained staff is likely to damage the business processes rather than boosting the service value provided to the customer. You should never compromise with the level of professionalism as ultimately it will hamper the growth of your business. You must prefer quality over quantity. This is because while less number of quality staff will satisfy fewer customers, untrained staff will satisfy none. Your first objective should be hiring quality staff and the second objective muse be providing them quality training. They should have a sound knowledge of the products and services which your brand is providing. 5) Missing the Peak times In a business, it becomes critically important to provide customer support, otherwise the brand will lose out. You can have agents who provide 24 x 7 customer support, but it is not always possible for various reasons. There should also be proper analysis and observation regarding the timings when you receive the most number of customer calls. Usually, companies provide standard timings of 9 am to 5 pm for live chat. With live chat software, your customer care executives can provide personalized support to the customer even from their home or anywhere else. Hence, the customer will be satisfied with the personalized experience and the reputation of your brand will keep rising. Conclusion Customer is the king in the market economy and a king does not like to wait. If you can please one king, more will seek your services.