Prepare for a Fully Automated Future with Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Do you too think that robots are going to change the future for a better cause? If yes, then why not encourage students and help them take up robotics. Robotics is a branch of science and engineering that deals with the use, manufacture and operations of robot. Robots are nothing but a form of an artificial body to an artificial intelligence. This younger generation is greatly inspired by the concept of robots. And such is the craze for it now, that more and more institutions and universities are taking up robotics franchise in India. Students are explained what is robotics, what does it deals with and what job sectors will be willing to take a robotics major, all over the country. If you too want to offer robotics in your institution, contact now. What do you need to set up a robotics franchise in India?
If you are starting your own business, this is a great offer for you. The robots and artificial intelligence fever have spread throughout the country and this won’t be a loss for your partnership. There are different franchise and you can choose accordingly from them. There are different reasons to take up a robotics franchise. Here are some of them: You will be taught by some of the most experienced and trained professionals. Robotics course modules and syllabuses will be handed over to you for different age groups. If you are going to provide web services, then you will be supported by some trained IT experts. Multiple franchise options with a variety of amount packages are available for you. Students will get invited by IITs and at TED talks occasionally. Various seasonal and local workshop offerings will be provided to encourage the students for a more practical based knowledge experience. Take a look at what is offered in a robotics class when you will take up a franchise for the stream. Training: The professors and mentors are trained and highly talented, and have experience for over 5 years. The infrastructures have proper and latest machinery to help students develop the interest in practical classes. Students are taught different programming languages including Arduino language. They also have electronics, circuit building, mechanical assembly etc, incorporated their syllabus. Workshops: Various seasonal and non-seasonal workshops are conducted throughout the year making learning a fun and creative journey. Seasonal workshops sometimes include invitations to IITs, or Ted talks. In the workshops, one will be taught Raspberry Pi, Arduino language, circuit compilation and many more. This course also includes workshops on drone, ultrasonic sensor-based robots, gesture-based robots, Raspberry Pi, Industrial automation and many more. Competitions: Competitions are one of the most important reason, why an individual will be interested to pursue this subject. A lot of games and events are organised every year throughout the nation where self-made robots are made to fight. The last one to stand and perform operations is announced a winner. Every year, this competition witnesses a lot of budding talents, full of creativity and skills. Take up robotics franchise in India and join the partnership with the best of the leading institutions.