What is Machine Learning And How is it Helpful in Various Businesses?

Some businesses are putting artificial intelligence to good use. They are using machine learning software to do new things that infuse their business with extra profit. There is no doubt that healthcare, financial, software and other types of businesses can benefit from having a superior and smart machine learning program working for them. What is machine learning? Machine learning is a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to empower computer programs with the ability to “communicate” on their own. It is a subset of AI that uses statistical techniques to produce outputs based upon input queries. With machine learning solutions a business can become a powerhouse of information that can produce results using its own data and algorithms. With the right algorithm, a company can see its own path in the economic world. Stock Trading Software with Machine Learning Similar to what happened with the steam engine, machine learning has transformed the stock market. Older photos of Wall Street picture a floor full of traders with paper tickers lining the floor. This is not the case anymore. Algorithms and machine learning inside computer programs have emptied that trading floor. Wall Street has changed. How did this happen? Custom machine learning solutions have been put to use on Wall Street that can do many marketing transactions automatically. Machine Learning for Healthcare Helps Doctors to Analyze Quicker Who has not heard of Watson, the computer that beat Jeopardy? This is a computer from IBM that has been put to work in over 650,000 pieces of medical evidence. You could say that machine learning for healthcare has come of age with Watson. But Watson is not the only computer in the world that can apply machine learning. Machine learning software has become more common since Watson was made. A doctor can use a machine learning tool to help diagnose difficult illnesses. Machine learning software solutions takes input data and “analyze” it faster than a human can to produce a prognosis. Well-designed software with AI capability aid doctors with making a correct diagnosis. The process of elimination can be done in record time, especially when considering the complexities of patients with critical diseases. The healthcare solution is referred to as computer-aided diagnosis, or CAD, and is being applied to medical databases and digital imaging assets software. Deep Learning in Robotics Workers in manufacturing environments use programmed robotics to automate the tasks within the manufacturing sector. A mechanical arm is digitally-programmed to perform 24/7. The output is an immediate return on investment based upon production quantity and is more economic than paying a salary. Technicians that work on cars or even other robots could use a third arm to help them get their job done. Applications of Machine Learning It is easy to see that having a computer perform regressions in minutes or seconds rather than days or weeks is a great advantage. Technology has evolved machine learning software solutions into AI capabilities for deep learning in marketing, to diagnose diseases, to monitor and control traffic, provide customer support and more. Here are some other benefits: Intelligent traffic monitoring and surveillance with multiple cameras Product recommendations engines machine learning Robotic prosthetics and Bionic limbs Smart virtual personal assistants Custom machine learning solutions developed by Chetu are backed by industry developers with over 19 years of experience. They integrate AI and deep learning technologies through enterprise-grade solutions to start-ups, SMBs and Fortune 5000 companies globally.