All You Need to Know About Receipt Printers

A Receipt printer is an integral part of the ‘Point of Sale’ system. They are widely used in the ‘retail environments’ for printing the ‘customer receipts’ and ‘credit card’ slips. The receipt printers are used for printing the orders and receipts in restaurants. The most popularly used receipt printers are dot matrix, ink jet printers, and thermal printers. The Various Types of Receipt Printers are as Follows: Dot Matrix Printers: The Dot Matrix printers are called ‘impact printers’ which is dependable, cost-effective and involves low operating costs. These printers make use of the tiny pins which are fixed on the print head and work with the ‘ink ribbon’ for producing a series of the dots which form letters on paper. These printers are able to print in dual colors like red and black and can print graphics as well. These printers find wide application in the kitchens of restaurants. Thermal Printers: The thermal printers are more expensive than the DOT matrix printers. They are popular because of their superior print quality, optimal function and fast speed. These printers make use of direct contact with the thermal paper and head for printing. As a result, the ‘thermal printers’ requires no toner or ink and with the passage of time helps in making up for the increased initial cost. The ‘recent developments’ in ‘thermal printing’ include ‘double-sided’ and ‘multi-colored’ thermal printing for the receipts. Inkjet printers: The inkjet printers make use of their print heads for shooting the tiny liquid droplets. These are widely used for printing the superior quality coupons or color logos on the receipts but the price for replacing the ink cartridges is quite a lot. If you want to invest in a receipt printer you have to keep in mind the following factors:- The receipt printer can connect to a computer through 3 kinds of interfaces such as Parallel, RS-232 Serial, and USB. The receipt printer must be compatible with the POS software. Though most are compatible, it is a good idea to check out with a ‘software vendor’ before investing in one. Before investing in a printer, you need to make sure it is compatible with a cash drawer. You need to check out the printer resolutions (DPI) as well as speed before investing in a printer. It is essential to check out the printer you are investing in makes use of an auto cutter or tear bar for cutting paper. The auto cutter would be worth shelling out a little more for convenience. Though the price is an important aspect to consider it is foolishness to compromise the quality for the price. You need to invest in a printer that can fulfill your requirements. Some of the businesses make use of printers with the ‘energy-saving’ technology which helps in lowering the paper load that is used for printing the receipts. Considering such factors would not only contribute to a healthy environment but would result in appreciable savings in the long run. It is essential to consider the warranty, brand and dependability factors for ensuring that you get maximum from investing in the receipt printer. With an in-depth knowledge of the different types of printers and taking into account the above-mentioned factors, you can invest in the right receipt printer.