Interactive Flat Panels For Schools – Its Impact on Teaching And Learning

Is your school, college, or university is in use of interactive whiteboards quite for some time now and you are in search of state-of-the-art technologies to refresh or upgrade your teaching standard? Are you interested in using the most recent technology? If your answer to either of these questions is ‘Yes,’ then you should visit Media Scene to know about our latest technology interactive flat panels for schools. Latest developments in screen and touch technology have meant that interactive whiteboard technology and the conventional projector has been superseded. Interactive flat panels for schools provide all the necessary features and functionality including collaborative learning, interactivity, and allowing the integration of media content into lessons. Why Switch from Interactive Whiteboards to Interactive Flat Panels – Two Major Reasons to Know Access to advanced technology – Interactive flat panels takes all the advantages of technological advances that are witnessed in tablet devices. Those touch-screen capabilities are magnified on a flat panel display whose functions and work are similar to that of a tablet. We see students these days used to using multi-touch displays in their everyday life, so we believe this could help the students in their classroom teaching as well. Also, the quality of the images displayed on the flat panels is way better than what we had seen on the whiteboards. Moreover, the quality of those images also does not degrade over time, as the case happens with projectors used in classrooms. Long-Term Cost – Ongoing cost was a major consideration in taking this decision of transitioning from whiteboards to interactive flat panels for schools. Moreover, using whiteboards come with an additional dilemma of replacing the bulbs and projectors on the unit. And as interactive flat panels come with no projector, hence no lamps to replace, no shadow, no bright light to clean, and no filters to clean. Even the panels come with an adjustable brightness that makes them work under direct sunshine. The interactive flat panels also use less electricity which turns out to be a great benefit for the environment. MiTouch screen – The Impact on Teaching and Learning The biggest and most obvious functional difference between whiteboards and interactive flat panels is having 10 simultaneous points of touch. With interactive flat panels for schools teachers now have much greater flexibility in how their classroom is organized. They can also connect multiple devices through the various WiDi adaptors and HDMI ports. The flat panel allows the teacher to transit from displayed digital textbook resources to connecting a document camera for demonstration purposes for the entire class to watch….and the list keeps continuing. The interactive flat panel for schools is now shaping each teacher’s individual teaching styles. They can now immediately save any activity digitally which can later be shared with the parents to demonstrate the fields where their child needs additional support, or how their child performs as compared to his/her other classmates. For students, a more legible and brighter display means no struggling to see what’s there displayed on the projector. It frees students to use the tools they’re comfortable with, whether that is a digital pen, a wireless keyboard, or touch. All the comfort, skill, and knowledge that kids use to have with tablets and Smartphone get transferred to the panel – a tremendous advantage for the students to learn and adapt instantly. The advantage for staff? They can now spend less and less time on maintaining and troubleshooting projectors and whiteboards, and spend more time on activities that can put a massive impact on students. The Bottom Line To the schools, colleges, or institutions considering a change for their front-of-class solution, first, you need to have a clear purpose of why you are making this decision. If you do not, then this new technology will just be like any other gadget in your classroom that may or may not make any impact.