Steps to Follow When You Drop Your iPhone in Water

Most of the phone owners think that water damage is the death of your phone. And if you own an iPhone then you should be extra careful. There is a different kind of relationship between an iPhone and its owner. But no matter how much you take care of it, you never know when the damage is coming. You may drop it in a bathroom, or spill a beer on it; you just can’t say that it is safe every time. To give you a relief, water damage does not every time mean that you have to buy a new phone. The new modern iPhones are slightly water resistant if not completely water-proof. The new iPhones are designed such that they are water resistant, and Apple is continuously making necessary changes in design to make it better. Now the question is how can you check the damage when you drop it in water? Well! Here are some steps which can help you in checking if your phone is safe or not: Step1: Switch the phone OFF 8 out of 10 times you will find that your phone is working when you take it out of the water. The very first thing that you have to do is to turn it OFF. This is because the cause of the damage is not actually the water but the current. When the IC is wet, the current flowing can cause damage to it. Step2: Open the cover and all the ports The next thing you should do is to open all the covers and remove SIM Card. Take out the SIM tray. We are doing this because we want to make sure the water has a way to come out. Step3: Dry it out Drying it out does not mean that you have to shake the phone. It is advisable to let it dry of its own. But if you still want to speed up the process you can use some desiccant. You should not use anything that generates a high amount of heat suddenly. This can cause damage to the phone. Moreover, it is good to take the advice of an expert before you make any move by yourself. Step4: Give it time for recovery After you feel like you are done with soaking, do not switch the phone ON immediately. Give it at least 36hours to recover. So, these are some steps that you can follow if your phone is dropped in water. If you are lucky enough then there are chances that your phone will work fine. But if it doesn’t then no need to worry, as there are many experienced iPhone repair centers available that can help you in repairing your loving iPhone precisely.