What Are The Different Types Of Receipt Printers You Can Choose From?

Receipt printers play an important role in the POS or Point of Sale system. This particular device is used in major retail environments in order to print customer receipts and credit card slips. Different restaurants use the receipt printer to get printouts of orders inside the kitchen or at the associated bar counters. Although the receipt printer has a vital position in the industry, very few people have a clear idea about the various types of receipt printers available in the market. The Use Of Dot Matrix Printer The dot matrix printers which are popularly known as the Impact printers are one of the most affordable and reliable options under the category of receipt printers. This type of receipt printer involves a minimum amount of operating cost altogether. It basically has a plethora of tiny pins which are attached on a print head and works with an associated ink ribbon in order to produce the letters on a paper. The dot matrix printers are capable of printing in red and black colors as well as graphics. Things To Know About Ink Jet Printer Inkjet printers tend to have different print heads which shoot up tiny droplets of the liquid ink onto a particular paper. If you are looking for some high quality colored coupons and logos to be printed on the receipts, then this particular device is worth the investment. Being an efficient printer option, there are many industrial sectors who prefer to get their printouts done on the inkjet printers. Thermal Receipt Printer – The Ultimate Favourite Thermal printers effectively come out as a popular choice in the arena of digital printing. This kind of a device produces a series of printed images by heating a coated thermal paper or thermochromic paper when it passes over the subsequent thermal print head. The thermal printers are capable of printing in black and red colors with the application of heat at two distinct temperatures. These types of printing devices are much quieter than the dot matrix printers and also work much faster than its previous models. Plus, they are compact, lighter and tend to consume less power, which makes them an ideal option for the retail application.