Learn Selenium to Test Web Apps Quickly and Efficiently

Manual testing is in existence for a long time, but is a time consuming and repetitive process and that is why software developers are adopting automated testing to make the testing process faster and reduce the time of software development life cycle. Selenium is such an automated testing tool, which makes the testing process faster of the web applications. For those who are in testing profile, it is good and essential to learn Selenium, which can automate web application and browser testing process. This open source testing technology provides a portable platform to the software testers. With the help of Selenium the programmers can improve the code, as this tool is freely available for all platforms, including Macintosh, Linux and Windows. Now there may be a question that why a tester must learn Selenium or what are the benefits of learning Selenium? However, there are a number of benefits of learning Selenium, but if you being, a tester want to enhance your career prospective in the testing industry, then Selenium or any online qa testing course can help you in prospering your career in IT industry as a tester. If you are a manual tester and have done testing manually, so far, then you will notice that Selenium will change your way of testing drastically. Learning Selenium can help you in achieving more in less time and you can offer your service to more clients or can improve your efficiency. For those who are looking to pursue their career as tester, Selenium learning can help them a lot. A number of online learning courses are available, which can help you to learn Selenium or to get the online qa certification. It is a rapidly growing technology, so it is always good to learn the new technology. You can run multiple tests on Selenium simultaneously as it supports all browsers and all operating systems, and all major programming languages. You can take the help of any online resource, which can provide you online training to get the certificate, where you can access the online course material video lectures, live classes and can resolve your all doubts as well. A proper and good training institute may help you in getting the certificate as well, with which you can prove your knowledge and get better job opportunities. While learning Selenium you must also be updated with the latest releases and for this you can take the help of an official Selenium website. Selenium IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a add-on for the browser, with which they can record, enhance and create the scripts. The IDE is popular to create the bug reproduction scripts and the test scripts, for which it uses Selenese language, which is easy to understand and gives the tester to create and use the browser based script. As Selenium is necessary to learn to be an active and updated software tester, so as a good institute is also necessary, which can help you in getting proficient with the technology. In this highly competitive technological environment, a robust web application is of much importance, which must have a top-notch GUI and which can perform all top-notch functionalities. If you want to be a perfect Selenium developer, then just get enrolled with any top-notch training institute, check the course details and make sure that they will provide you practical and live training as well, along with the study material to earn the Selenium certification.