How Do Computers Get Infected With Viruses

These days a variety of new viruses are being discovered each day. Few of these are just normal viruses which effects can be nullified and damaged areas can even be healed, but there are others which leave the system useless for future use and the data that has been damaged cannot even be retrieved through advanced data recovery tools. Those who start using computers and are unaware of these adverse affects are subject to be victims of virus infections sooner or later and will also help to multiply the effects of a virus. This is because, any data that they transfer from one computer to the other will be infected. If we short down the ways in which a computer gets infected with virus, we can say that there are five ways to get infected with a computer virus. Most of the professional users are very much aware of these five ways to get infected with a computer virus. This is the main reason why these professionals take very cautious steps at places that we are not even bothered about. We normally accept flash drives for transferring data from one computer to the other. Most of the times due to our haste for completion of our office work we do not opt for scanning these flash drives and this is how unchecked viruses enter the system. It is highly suggested that all kind of flash drives must be scanned before opening any of the folder that has been stored in it. Most of the hackers or virus developers make use of internet to steal or infect data in user’s computers. There are many websites that contain infected data and users must avoid clicking on each and every pop up which may say that “congratulations, you have just won $50,000”. This is just a technique of tempting inexperienced users. As soon as the user clicks on these pop ups his computer starts getting infected with spyware. Apart from this, various porn sites are known to be stocked with viruses as users rush on them to get infected. As an ideal user, you must have in mind avoiding such risky sites. Another means of getting a computer infected with viruses is to open up or accept unknown emails. One must be aware of his contact list and should not fall for any of the fake emails that are an attempt to get the system infected and leave it useless. Free internet downloadable programs also contain viruses in most of the cases. Due to urgencies at our end, we do not pay attention to the warning given by our antivirus that the program we are trying to install contains infections with it and we simply want to see this so desired program to be running immediately. This results in getting the system infected with virus. Viruses can also shift from one computer to another if these computers have been networked together either through LAN or wifi media. Traffic between computers must go through scanning from a locally installed antivirus program which must reside on every PC. One must be aware of these five ways to get infected with a computer virus. Once the system gets infected then it becomes very irritating to perform routine work in such slow speed.