8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Makes Better User Experience

Creating an attractive mobile application with an excellent UX, great UI and programming code aren’t enough. The first and foremost factor is its interactivity capabilities which could be only enhanced by adding outstanding animation. If integrated correctly into the user interface design of the mobile application, the animation becomes extremely functional rather than just a decor element. Undeniably, it is immensely vital to distinguish between the good animation and bad animation. Usually, a bad animation is excessively slow, ensuring distractions and irritation. So you can read this article to understand the functionalities and fundamentals of various significant app animations which could enrich your experience as an entrepreneur. List of animation app which could enhance the user’s experience Splash Screen Animation Basically, the splash screen is the screen that appears just after opening an app. It does contain the logo of the app or the company. Users do expect the app to load faster as the delay might annoy or frustrate them.As the Splash screen does not have any functional elements, it only serves the entertainment purpose. With the help of splash screen animation, the users could shorten the loading time. Furthermore, it is the Splash Screen which creates the first impression of your app. The absolute Splash Screen Animation must be 1 to 3 seconds long. Also, it should be fluid and should be attractive enough to create a long-lasting impression on the user. Feedback Animation With the help of Feedback, Animation users could understand if they are proceeding in the right direction or not. It is vital to keep a check whether the app is responding as per the instructions. The Feedback Animations make the user feel comfortable and hassle-free. You can check out astonishing UX with the support and help of animated pop-up notifications, buttons, ticks, color and size alteration as well as field backlight. It is almost mandatory for various eCommerce platforms as the user could effectively and easily alter size and colour, simplifying the online shopping experience. Progress and Loading Animation It covers a vast arena including progress bars, timelines and various other extensive elements to enrich the experience of the users. It basically keeps users updated about their overall progress in the user’s activity. Basically, it helps to ensure psychological comfort for the users. It helps to keep the users updated so that they don’t feel ignored, and it also removes any kind of negative perspective. It also ensures to make the waiting process a pleasant experience by adding elements of entertainment. Apart from that, the loading animation is one of the most popular ones as it is considered a subtype of progress animation because it has many similar functions. It basically keeps the user updated about the process and entertained while waiting so that the user does not feel frustrated. Eventually, there are three different types of loading animation, such as loaders and preloaders. Marketing Animations Probably one of the most popular and acknowledged animation to amplify your brand awareness and seek the attention of the audience. With the help of marketing animations, you can splash screens, animate your logo and then use it either in a progress bar or just incorporate your motto into the image. It basically serves two purposes first to grab attention and second to entertain. It is bright, catchy and most importantly, appealing to the audience. Animated Transitions Animated Transitions are not new. It has additional features, such as smooth interaction capabilities. It is important for the users as they could easily track the journey of transition. The Animated Transition between the elements easily makes the layout light, making the app interface look more attractive and appealing. On-Boarding Animation This intuitive animation would provide you with a quick tour of the app. It also highlights the main and attractive features of the app. Apart from that, it also guides you through using the app and notifying you what you should do next. It is impeccably, easy and simple to understand. Fun Animation and Storytelling We all love storytelling, and you would be surprised to know that this could make your application more engaging. Including animated stickers, badges, rewards and mascots would make your app more exciting and attractive. Navigation Animation It smoothly facilitates transition as it uses familiar icons rather than texts. Also, it easily transports the user between the navigational context. Apart from the animations mentioned above, there are many others too, such as Visual hints, Animated Progress Indicators.If you wish to enjoy various mobile app development services nothing could be better than relying on an authentic mobile app development company like Auxesis Infotech.