Top 6 Powerful Features of Easy Logger to Set Cell Phone Boundaries For Your Kids

phone tracker app Like most parents, you might be wondering: What are your kids really doing with their smartphones? Wouldn’t it be nice to find out? Mobile phones can be double-edged swords. They bring many benefits, but they can also be used by predators and bullies to victimize your children. The good news is that you can ease your worries and protect your kids by investing in a good cell phone tracker like Easy Logger. Easy Logger is a cutting-edge phone tracker that you can get for free. It’s an effective call logger and text messaging tracker with all the other features you will need to oversee your kids’ activities on their cellphones. Things to consider when setting smartphone boundaries with Easy Logger It’s important to talk to your kids before you install Easy Logger on their cellphones. Let them know that you are installing it to set smartphone boundaries and keep them safe. You need to be honest and transparent with your intentions. You want your kids to feel secure knowing that you are watching over them-not resent you for secretly spying on their every move. Assure your children that you care about their safety and that you will not use the app to ruin their fun or get in the way of the things they love to do. When setting smartphone boundaries, it’s also important to find out what your kids usually do with their phones. Keep the conversation casual. Talk to your kids about the apps they use on their phones. Ask them what their favorites are and what they use them for. This will give you a clear idea of their usage patterns. Then, explain why you want to install a cell phone tracker. Let them know about your concerns, such as the dangers of predators, bullies, scams, and other bad influences. Make sure that your kids have a say when setting boundaries for smartphone use. Let them decide with you when it comes to matters like creating technology-free zones (i.e., no cellphones at the dinner table, in bedrooms, or during the family game night), screen time, and Wi-Fi usage. 6 powerful features of Easy logger When it comes to phone tracker apps, nothing quite beats Easy Logger. This cutting-edge cell phone tracker offers the following features to help you set boundaries for your children: 1. Text messages spy The app tracks incoming and outgoing messages, even those that have been deleted. It can also track the phone’s geographical location when the text was received or sent. 2. GPS location tracker Easy Logger is a cell phone tracker with live location tracking 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It reports on the phone’s current live location, lists the location coordinates where texts and calls took place, and shows the live location trail from one point to another on Google Maps. You can also view historical location data to examine past trails, as well as device altitude reports. 3. Phone calls spy This feature tracks who was called from the phone and who called. Even if your child clears the call log, Easy Logger can still keep records of the exact time the call occurred and disconnected. You can also find out when and where the call was made. It should show ‘Missed Call’ in the duration column if the call was not received, and ‘No Answer’ if the receiver disconnected the call. 4. App usage tracker Easy Logger logs the usage statistics of every app that your kids use on their phones, including messaging apps, business applications, and games. This could give you some insight on the amount of them they are spending on every app. The tracker also reports on every app’s memory usage and the background apps running in your child’s phone, along with the time they worked. 5. Geo-fencing The phone tracker lets you create a custom Geo-fence in any size you want on the map. You will receive alerts when your child enters or exits the designated area. Tracking is done in real-time, around-the-clock. 6. App install/uninstall alerts Easy Logger will alert you when the cell phone tracker has been removed or uninstalled. It will also tell you whenever your child installs an application on their phone, with a link to that app. Likewise, it will alert you when an app is removed, with a link to that application. Try Easy Logger now. Download a FREE trial and if you like it, you can always upgrade to a PRO account.