Top Android Application Development Trends for 2020

“Always keep your eye open for new ideas, new products, and new trends”. It is rightly said, you need to be open to new ideas and new products whether it is in fashion or in technology advancement. With each passing day, we see new trends and technologies coming up. Your mobile app enhances the way you present your business to people. With the advancement in digital technology, the way of working has changed beyond our expectations. One of the most important factors is that mobile application development has increased the revenue as well. According to the surveys, it is expected that the revenue turns out to be $581.9 billion from mobile application development. It is a huge market and contributes to a tremendous amount of revenue. This is a revolution which was a simultaneous effort of both the developers as well as the customer. With the rise in the usage of smartphones, this market is growing widely. Smartphones are at present the most addicted device people have. Every business is trying to extract the benefits by using smartphones. It’s important to keep the knowledge of the latest mobile app development trends to see where the technology is actually heading to. Here are some top latest android application development trends: 1. 5G Service It is basically a 5th generation mobile network. It enables us to connect everyone and everything virtually which includes machines, objects, and various other devices. It is meant to deliver high data speed, which is expected to be 100 times more than 4G. The mobile app developers have to keep in mind the speed of 5G to take advantage of the speed and its performance in the future. Users will expect various changes from the developer once 5G arrives. It would be useful in various areas like AR, VR, 3D gaming, security, etc. 2. Beacon Technology Beacons are basically small and wireless transmitters, they usually use low energy Bluetooth technology. They help in sending signals to other smart devices that are nearby. In other words, we can say, they make the location-based search and interaction easy and accurate by connecting and transmitting information to smart devices. They help in Improved offline attribution with google ads Advancement in data gathering techniques Improvement in My business listing Benefits of the customers 3. Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence(AI) is also known as machine intelligence. It is basically a simulation of human intelligence into machines in such a way that they think and acts like humans. The integration of artificial intelligence with machine learning techniques have been very helpful in mobile app development . With AI technology in hand, you don’t even have to do work using your fingertips. You can simply rely on AI for controlling your devices, houses, automobiles, etc. 4. Internet of Things Have you ever given a thought, how much we are dependent on the internet? Yes, it has become a basic necessity in our lives. “Internet of Things” can control anything in our lives. Suppose you are somewhere out and you forgot to turn off the air conditioner. Rather than going all the way back, you can simply turn it off from your current location. You just need an IoT application in your phone and IoT powered air conditioner and an active internet connection, after all its “Internet of Things”. In the coming years, you can control almost everything with the use of IoT. It might be helpful in healthcare, smart automobiles, and smart cities. 5. Blockchain Blockchain is an already existing technology. But it is maturing in the coming years. It is basically a decentralized, distributed ledger which helps in recording the provenance of a digital asset. It helps seamlessly in integrating various areas. It manages the digital transaction process, the blockchain protocol handles peer to peer transactions in user mobile applications. Blockchain also helps in the maintenance of unalterable and the dedicated records of various transactions based on the need of the mobile application. This technology helps in making the transactions quickly as well as keeping the information of the users secure. 6. Instant App It is a small software program that helps in testing the portion of native android applications without actually downloading it. Instant apps do not use the storage space on the device because you don’t install them on your device. They can reach out to the target audience who haven’t downloaded it and can convince those people to install the application. It is expected to gain a lot of hype in the coming years. The market might witness many instant apps. 7. EMM and APM EMM stands for Enterprise Mobility Management, which is a set of technologies and services which are designed to secure corporate-related data on the employee’s mobile consists of a mobile management system and services. They secure the data and help in the integration of a wide range of IT systems to meet a lot of corporate concerns. APM stands for Application performance management, is a solution for monitoring the app, and gives the power so that smooth user experience is obtained. APM basically delivers various features like application mapping, code-level diagnostics, and dynamic baselining. 8. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality In the coming years, more mobile applications would be compatible with Augmented reality and virtual reality. The surveys show that this market is going to skyrocket in the industry. It is expected to reach $61.39 billion USD in the next few years. Top companies like Google and Apple are investing a lot of money in finding more usability of AR/VR. 9. Cloud Integration with Mobile Apps Cloud technology has always been a very promising one. But cloud technology has not impacted much on the mobile app development process. It is expected to have many cloud-integrated apps in 2020. The cloud-integrated apps run on the cloud server itself. So it would not use the internal memory of the smartphone. So the problem of mobile crashing is solved. Cloud technology application may include: Hybrid solutions Quantum computing Multi-cloud platforms Final Takeaways These mobile application development trends would certainly help in the growth of the app industry. The competition would surely rise among various app development companies. There are various mobile app development companies which helps in the creation of an android application.