UWO Latest Mobile Application

UWO latest mobile application UWO- There are chances that you’ve heard about it. UWO is a popular internet app that basically keeps most of the Teens and Adults occupied. Perhaps you’ve already signed up. And you’ve not signed in the app then you can download it from Google play store. If you’re just keeping up with the latest social media craze and feel ready to jump on the Bandwagon- There is no time like the present to get started on UWO. Amidst quick changing cultures and trends you will get on this app. Cringe, Worthy, Weird, Funny and one of it’s kind videos have become viral on many social media platform which is getting a lot of following. Staying up-to-date with social media trends involves effort and it can be challenging too Decide if new platforms are worth using at all, especially when it come building a Brand and make it Popular among the people of the world. When you see or think or hear about an app or some product related to entertainment or social media the first thing come to your mind is What is that for? or How it will work? What are the features that app is using? Which company developed it? I know there are bulk of questions which come on your mind after knowing about a new product or app. so let’s find answers of all your questions:- What is UWO? UWO is a short-form video creating and sharing app with a feed (explore) that features an endless slew of micro-videos made by it’s users. In this app videos can be a maximum of 15 seconds long, with the option to combine videos for a 60 sec long compilation. This app is known for its charming, hilarious content featuring real people and real home-made videos. The app is developed by Indian company Unified Web Options pvt. ltd. in August of 2020. UWO runs on interactions based on interest and categories chosen by its users. Users quickly adapt to the app’s participating culture, which is intended to inspire creativity and spread entertainment vise-versa its content, community and trends. So, let’s know How this app work and what are the editing tools it have. How does UWO work? UWO motto is Unlimited U” which is a pretty accurate description for that feeling you get when browsing through the app for the first time. The experience involves watching a customized feed of vertical videos made by real users, which offer insight into what’s current trending in the world. Ultimately, users can create and upload videos of their own, utilizing UWO’s enchanting and addicting in app effects and features. Now let’s know How to use UWO stepwise:- Download and Sign up on UWO The application is available on App store and Goggle play store. You can download it as any other app and sign up for a great video creating sharing and editing experience. Either you can go for an instant sign up option by linking the application to your Facebook or Gmail accounts and you can also add a suitable username and password. Personalized Feed (Explore) After signing up on the app, you will come across a feed of top and trending videos and suggestions to watch. Part of the app’s magic lies in its highly personalized feed, which is different from other apps feed like Instagram or Facebook known in UWO app as the “Explore” Page. UWO shows users what they want based on their unique algorithm. Everything users encounter on their explore is based on their previous interactions and device setting. UWO’s strong emphasis on localized content is genius- it allows users to capture local trends and participate in local UWO contests. The feed tell users what to watch from the get-go, inspires a sense of community, and continues to evolve on it own (gotta love those algorithms!). Profile setup and information updates After signing up on the app, you will come across a feed of top and trending videos and suggestions to watch. First you must go to the “account” icon on lower right corner and select edit button. Add a profile picture or video, mention your username and details as per requirement. You can also invite your friends from clicking on the top left corner invite friend button. Search in video feed and suggestions Tap on the Home tab after setting up your UWO account successfully to get recommendation from application. Just like Twitter and You Tube, the app sends suggestion to watch and follow. You can select the videos you like and share or subscribe to the particular creator. The platform will send you similar videos to engage with and follow. If you have not developed any following, then you can slowly get it by interacting with other creators and sharing your content on the app. Interact and engage with videos on UWO Watching videos on UWO is just like those on Facebook and Instagram where you can react and share the content with your family and friends. There are many sources that can suggest you how to use UWO, yet, a few will suggest you over engaging in other user’s content. You can tap on the thumb option to like the video, select the speech bubble to comment on it while the forward icon will help you to share it. All the options are available on the right side of the video playing on the screen. If you want to follow the creator, then you can tap on the plus sign on the user profile and after following it will turn into right sign, or you can tap on the user profile and subscribe to the account on UWO. Search for new video options and account Select the second option that is for search and enter the selection which has a mixture of all kinds of video clips from different creators. You can type specific name to find the creator’s account or you can browse the section to get your preferred videos. Moreover this section helps you know the trending topics, challenges and hashtags which you can watch, recreate, share and can perform other multiple activities. Start following users through search and uwocodes on the app In order to follow people that you know or like, you can simply press on a profile picture button with a plus sign on the left bottom corner. It will add the person to your following list and you will get updates whenever the user uploads any video content or takes up any challenge. You can also enter the profile name of users that you know previously and click on user’s filter to find the particular specified account. The other way to follow users is to scan their UWOcodes which are more beneficial for brands trying to promote the channel on their websites. When you visit your own profile, you can find an icon with three dots in the top right corner. When you will click on that one panel will open click on “My code” button. It is the uwocode for your own profile on UWO app. To download UWO app click here https://theuwo.com/