Security Cameras – Knowing it Right Enhances The Security Levels!

Security of office buildings, store and properties is a constant area of attention for businesses and security camera is the most crucial equipment in this regard. But it is also important to know which security camera is appropriate for your security concerns. Selecting security camera systems is not as simple as it sounds. There are different types of security cameras that are meant for different purposes. For instance, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera, that follows any people of object in motion, , then there are fixed cameras those record everything.. But today security systems have become more sophisticated. The different types of CCTV cameras include fixed cameras, PTZ cameras and virtual or 360-degree PTZ cameras. And the different types of security camera housing include outdoor, dome, bullet and discreet types. And talking about extra features there is resolution, day/night, infrared, varifocal, remote zoom, auto focus, wireless and thermal imaging. With so many options for security cameras people often get confused which one will satisfy their security needs efficiently! Below is the guide that will help you in choosing the right security camera that satisfies your security concerns. Fixed Camera Fixed camera as the name suggests is fixed at a position and captures image in a specific position. But with different housings and features these cameras can be optimized. By adding few moving parts, these fixed cameras can become more reliable than the PTZ cameras. PTZ Camera The cameras that can be positioned remotely are known as PTZ cameras as these cameras have the ability to pan, tilt and zoom in on a subject. These cameras are specially designed versions of fixed cameras enclosed with various motors and gears that allow it to move remotely. Higher end cameras have greater zoom range which helps in covering a larger area. But these cameras do have a disadvantages like it operates effectively when controlled manually than when automatically set. Virtual PTZ Camera Virtual PTZ camera or the 360-degree camera is several high resolution fixed camera in a single housing. The images captured are stitched together and you can zoom in after the fact up to the limits of the camera that is in use. All the images can be recorded and it can face in all directions, therefore it can be a great forensic tool. But this camera should not be bought as a universal solution. You can pair up a standard fixed camera with a lens to give it a 120 degree to 140 degree view. Also with the cameras in the corners which only require a 90 degree field of view can serve better for many rooms. After selecting the right type of camera, the next thing to consider is the type of housing. There are usually four types of housings available namely outdoor, dome, bullet and discreet housings. Outdoor cameras are weather resistant and include heaters and blowers to allow the variances of the environment. Dome housings are designed to conceal the orientation of the camera and as no one can tell which way the camera is pointing people often assume that the camera is pointing in all directions. Bullet cameras are named so due to their sleek cylindrical shape and these shows the direction of orientation clearly hence provide a better picture. Last one is the discreet housings which are designed to look like a motion sensor or smoke detector with pinhole lenses or flush mount lenses mounted on the wall or ceiling and hence are mostly preferred by architects looking for an aesthetic space. So choose the right kind of CCTV camera surveillance and enhance the security of your area efficiently.