Digital Activation – Tips & Techniques

Activation refers to creating awareness about a brand amongst customers and promote it further through activities, which instigate the senses of a person. Before planning & implementing onground or digital activation for the promotion of your product/ service, the following things should be kept in mind: TG Group – First & foremost decide the bracket or the age group(s), which you find would be most interested in accessing your services / products. According to the target group, the activities can be planned and be successful in acquiring benefits. Location – The activities can only be planned and executed as per the permission parameters & limitations of a particular location. The location is chosen keeping in mind the possibility of the target group visiting it. Also, the frequency of visiting the location should be calculated & analyzed before finalizing it. Individuality – Customers are particular about having a fresh & better experience every time they visit a canopy/ showroom/ brand activity spot. Make sure your idea is new, attractive and engaging, which attracts more and more people visit you and seek a memorable experience. Promotion – The activation plan should be well amplified through various digital mediums. The more hype you create around a promotional or activation activity, the more chances you have to make it successful and effective. Also, the promotions over television, radio or newspaper should be strategized as per the time of viewing/ listening, the channel popularity amongst the target group and newspaper type. Preference Driven – All activations should be preference driven, a detailed study should be conducted on the taste, choice and preferences of the target group. A comprehensive data should be maintained, this would not only attract the target group easy but would also help in retaining the customer base. To answer the question, why is activation so important for a brand and specifically the one which is based upon a set database? Here is the answer: Digital Activation in the first place is the stepping stone towards being the next big brand and it is also important for retaining customers. When you step into the real world and offer experiences which appeal to person’s senses, he/she is more likely to be attracted and committed to your brand. TV commercials or radio jingles alone cannot do the magic. A clear example is that people prefer to shop from physical markets over online stores. Another thing that we are concerned with is the use of database for activation, it increases the results of activation affectively along with the ROI and accuracy. Even if your brand is well known & established in the market, time-to-time activation enhances the number of loyal members to the customer family of the brand. It is also important to maintain a database pertaining to customer behavior & engagement relative. Radiant – Everything Experiential helps you do all of it, we are the one-stop-shop for all your concerns, queries and solutions related to on-ground activation. We excel in providing unique ideas and executing them with perfection within the designated timeline.