Everything That Can Go Wrong With Your iPhone 6 Screen And How To Address It In 2018

With latest iPhones queued up for release this September, iPhone 6, a once celebrated revolutionary model is expected to retire completely by the end of 2018. This basically means that Apple will officially stop manufacturing iPhone 6 which again, goes on to imply that availability of genuine parts for repair and replacement purposes will be very rare. Therefore, in all this, if you manage to damage your iPhone 6 screen some way or the other, be assured that the process of having it repaired will bear a 50/50 possibility as far as experiencing satisfactory outcomes are concerned. This is unless you approach unbeatable authorized service providers like those offering iphone 6 screen repair in Perth. Here are some of the most common iPhone 6 screen damages as per user experience since its launch in 2015… Display / LCD damage – LCD / display damage is very easily identifiable. In this case, the glass and the display screen on the phone is physically unharmed but has other disturbing problems like screen going completely white or black or shows broken pixels in the form of colorful lines/spots / dot and more. Basically, with a damaged LCD, you will not be able to view anything in your screen either partially or completely. No response to touch and associated malfunctions – Compromised touch functionality can happen whether your screen is physically damaged or not. This can owed to an array of reasons like improper usage including excessive pressure on the phone on a regular basis, dropping the phone very often on hard surfaces and even dropping it in water, considering that iPhone6 falls drastically short in terms of water resistance features. Brutally chipped screen – iPhone6 may have a set of unique and defining features, but the glass it uses is certainly not one of them. iPhone6 is not backed with heavy duty gorilla glass that makes it very fragile in comparison with its newer counterparts. While it can take a couple of falls from your pocket/bag to a hard concrete floor without inviting damages, you can expect luck to run out when you are least careful. Chipped/cracked screens are by far the biggest issue faced by iPhone6 users at a global scale. Quick guide on how to return your iPhone 6 to absolute newness… Inviting chips, cracks, breaks and accidents in iPhones or any smartphones for that matter cannot be avoided in the fast paced lives that people are leading today. However it is possible to have the phones repaired and returned to their original condition even in 2018 when original iPhone6 parts can be difficult to find. Providers like those offering iPhone6 and iPhone7 screen repair in Perth and other authentic professionals are the best to approach in this respect. Leading professionals like those in Perth can fix your phone within 3 to 4 business days and have it shipped overnight when requested. They also price their services very fairly which can make the deal comfortably approachable. When it comes to addressing iPhone screen issues, it is best to say no to DIY approaches. The technicalities involved in the process are way too complex and engaging in the same without experience can lead to more damages than otherwise.