How to Reset Kindle Fire?

The Kindle fire Factory reset Kindle fire Factory reset will result in loss of all personalized settings and data saved on your device. One may think of opting for factory reset kindle fire because of any possible reasons like: Passing over the possession of your device. Forgot your Kindle password. Encountering frozen kindle fire. Kindle Fire Malfunctioning. In case you are selling or handing over your Kindle device make sure you have backed up all your required data, before starting with factory reset kindle fire. In rest every case, where you are not so willing to go with the Factory reset option but have to do it; you will lose all your data. Factory reset Kindle Fire Devices when locked out Confronting a locked out situation? no worry. At any bad day if you have forgotten your password and got locked out. The only option is to either sit relax and recall your password. If you fail to do so then go for factory reset your kindle fire devices as follows: Swipe from right to left inwards from the right edge of your kindle fire device. On the login window enter the incorrect password to exhaust maximum allowed limits. Kindle will offer you two options “Reset your Device or Wait 30 seconds. Choose the “Reset your Device option this will start the factory reset kindle fire process. Note: The Kindle Fire lock screen password and your Amazon account password are different; don’t try using the same password to enter the device and the Amazon account. Factory reset Kindle Fire Devices (2nd Generation) If you need to do the Factory reset kindle fire for any other reason, follow the below given steps: Activate the device screen by just pressing & releasing the power button once. Swipe top to down from the top of the display screen. You will see various device options. Click on “More” option. This will show the Settings menu. Under settings choose Device and then choose “Reset to Factory Defaults.” The system will ask for your confirmation to delete the existing data, click on Erase Everything. Finally click Yes to give your affirmation to start the factory reset process. All done at your end. Wait for few minutes, the device will reboot and get started at its own. Your device will try to get connected to your Wi-Fi network. Connect to your Wi-Fi network by providing required info i.e. correct password. Now you need to register your kindle fire again. Enter your Amazon account login credentials. Click Register to complete the process. Once you get registered, your kindle fire is ready to use. Start with customizing your settings now, as everything saved was lost. Best of Luck!!