I am Locked Out of HP Computer-what Can I do

A friend asked me to give some solutions for her problems: she was locked out of HP computer and did not know what to do. For the HP computer locked out password issues, you can solve it in following solutions. 1. Reset HP account password If you locked out of HP computer because of password forgotten, you can reset it on HP. Everyone can handle this process. Just connect the reset disk into your HP laptop and launch the computer. When you see the login interface, enter the wrong password and you will get the notice. Here, you will find Reset Password option under the box. Click it and the Password Reset Wizard will lead you to finish the process. What if you do not create the reset disk before? You can read further. 2. Ask the HP Recovery Manager for help If you forgot the account password and do not have the reset disk or unavailable to create the disk on another computer, you can try resort to HP Recovery Manager. But, you should know that the Manager will remove all your files in the computer. Here’s how to use HP Recovery Manager: Restart the computer and press F11 until you can select “HP Recovery Manager”; in the program, select “System Recovery”; after the program is installed, it will help to remove your password; finish the process and restart the computer. In this way, you can login Windows 10 laptop without asking for password. 3. Remove Bios password If you have the right password but it keeps saying that your password is wrong. It may be the problem of Bios password. You can plug power off and then push power on as well as keep pressing F2 or F8 at once until you see the system Bios screen. Take a glance and find out the master password section and clear it. Remember to save the change and exit it. At this time, the computer will restart. Insert the DVD which comes along with in and make it start with DVD and the hard drive. Follow the steps in screen and you will get the issue solved. Bottom line: With these solutions, you can make the HP computer works perfectly again. If you have friends encounter such problems, you can help them out of trouble now because you know how to reset HP laptop without password . But, I still want to make you remember that no matter what problems you encounter in the computer, you should keep calm. And keep a backup of the important files in case of the data loss.