Find The Perfect Rugged Solution For Oil And Mining

Running operations in the rugged outdoors is not for the faint of heart. Differing from a desk job environment, someone working in an oil field or in a mine comes into daily contact with an assortment of challenges that can get chaotic pretty quickly for a person who does not know what they are doing. Luckily the meticulous individuals operating in these industries are highly skilled people who are up to the challenge. That is fortunate for the rest of us. We can only imagine where we would be without the fuel needed to drive our cars, the energy to heat our homes and businesses, and the access to prized materials like diamonds when the occasion arises? Yet these diligent workers can’t do their jobs properly without the right equipment. Some of the inimitable challenges for those working in oil, gas, and mining industries are tremendous changes in temperature, high levels of humidity or extreme dryness, and unexpected movement. The latter can range from a small amount of vibration to falling rocks to larger scale explosions. Obviously not every kind of computer will be able to endure these harsh conditions. Acura Embedded Inc. has designed and manufactured rugged solutions for nearly three decades. Their systems can be trusted to work in the harshest of environments. Introducing the Powerbrick 6.0: this amazing computer system will not only withstand intense scorching and freezing temperatures, flooding, and blasting, but it will continue to work well in each of those situations. It is known as a “powerhouse” and rightfully so. The fan-less and heater-less Powerbrick 6.0 is an Intel Gen 4 Core i7-4650U 1.7GHz up to 3.3GHz. Its rugged aluminum alloy chassis system is able to operate at temperatures ranging from ‐40ºC ~ 70ºC and it can be stored at ‐40 ºC ~ 80ºC. The Powerbrick 6.0 was built for the future. Not only does it exceed present competitive models on the market, but its modular structural design was created to allow for simple upgrading and expansions, making it the ultimate computer both for today and for tomorrow. Instead of having to always buy the latest model you can upgrade the one you have: straightforward and efficient. The dense body of the computer allows for uncomplicated installation in the location of your choosing, whether it be your vehicle or elsewhere. Its assortment of features like the Smarter Vehicle Power Ignition for Variety Vehicle feature, the Support Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage, Support 4 X Power Over Ethernet (POE), and the Wireless support LTE, 3.5G with SIM Card, WiFi?BT, and GPS Dead reckoning make this computer ideal for vehicles moving through rough terrain, and in all kinds of weather. Its non-proprietary connections guarantee that you can use the Powerbrick 6.0 with any kind of outside equipment and remain certain that it will easily interface with your mobile data terminal. We invite you to speak to an Acura Embedded Inc. sales representative about your needs to find out if the Powerbrick 6.0 is right for you. We have a rugged solution for every problem you may be facing. You can contact us here.