Microsoft Integrates Pay Service With Outlook

In 2016, Microsoft launched its digital payment and wallet service Wallet which was later rebranded to Microsoft Pay. Now, it is in direct competition with Android Pay and Apple Pay. At Build conference, Microsoft announced that its Pay service will be integrated with its email service, Outlook. Now, you won’t have to leave your email inbox for a third-party service to pay your bills as you will be able to pay your bills directly from your Outlook inbox. Microsoft has announced that it will initially partnering with few payment processing services like Stripe and Braintree. Billing and invoicing services like Zuora, FreshBooks, Intuit, Invoice2Go, Sage, Wave, and Xero are also on board with this integration of Microsoft’s payment and email services. Fiserv will also be added soon. Hence, businesses using any of these services to provide digital payment methods to their customers will also benefit from this integration. Embedding a payment option right in the mail message is all a business has to do. Microsoft has said that this feature will be rolled out to few users in the coming weeks and after that, in next few months, it will be more broadly released to all the users worldwide. Connected Ecosystem: Microsoft had earlier hinted towards its intention to make a bigger shift in its products policy. The company is trying to build an ecosystem of all its products, services and apps for its users which is wholesome and more connected. This integration is a step towards that direction. Microsoft, connecting its services and apps with each other, clearly indicates that it wants to bridge the gap among them and provide a more secure and tethered ecosystem to its users. The recent marriage of Payments with Outlook is a prime example of what Microsoft wants to achieve in the future. By extending these services to better connect with each other, Microsoft has added a feather in the Outlook’s hat. This integration will not just benefit Outlook users but it is also beneficial for businesses as well. Businesses will get paid much faster and they will be able to convert their users’ loyalty as users will be able to avoid inputting their credit/debit card details on multiple platforms using different services. Adaptive Cards: Outlook inbox messages will also contain Adaptive Cards which provides actionable messages to users. Several Microsoft services currently uses this new card design. Developers can embed context-sensitive actions in messages which are sent via Teams, Cortana, etc using Adaptive Cards. Developers would also get benefitted from this integration as they will be able to capture new customers and better engage with existing customers. Users Beware: Though this integration will make your life a bit easier, you should also exercise some restraint and do not click on any email carelessly as it may contain malware which tries to download onto your system or your personal and financial information could be stolen. Users having any issues can contact Outlook phone number. Microsoft still needs to clarify on how users can be sure that email which they received with payment methods enabled is the authentic one and not some malicious and phishing email.