The Automation Industry is Revolutionizing. Find Out How to Keep Up and Get Ahead

With the momentum of the Industrial Automation industry picking up speed at the rate that it is, companies are scrambling to stay relevant in a business that is essentially snowballing. Advancements in this field don’t happen every few decades or even every few years. It is actually modernizing on a daily basis as new problems and challenges are being discovered, while new solutions are constantly being applied to these situations. No one can afford to accept the status quo (which is actually another way of saying “falling behind”) as the result would not only be an astronomical loss in initial profits, but it would also result in additional losses that are difficult to even quantify at this stage. Suffice it to say, not only does it not pay to stay behind, it will actually end up costing you on top of it. It has often been said that the early bird catches the worm. That saying has not ever been truer in the past than it is today. No one wants to be (or can afford to be) that “has-been” company that falls behind while having to watch the success of their competitors as they sprint ahead of everyone else. That is why the smart business person will preemptively approach this situation-sooner rather than later. They know that it is in their company’s best interest to not only prevent future problems, but to work to create a more efficient work environment today, instead of one that barely gets by next week. Companies like Acura Embedded Systems understand this very well, and it prides itself on its ability to serve those in the automation industry so that they can thrive today and in the future. A successful rugged computer company for nearly 30 years, Acura Embedded Inc. has developed rugged solutions that empower companies to reach their potential and beyond. Their computers not only operate on a high level, their durability sets them apart from their competitors. This is especially important in locations where environments are harsh (making it more likely that average equipment would make) and where any broken equipment would detrimental to the work of the operation. That is why Acura Embedded Systems has developed rugged computing solutions like the AcuPNL 17V3. Designed and manufactured in-house, this remarkable machine is the ideal low-power, yet high-performance wall-mount PC system. This 17 Inch Aluminum Alloy Panel PC truly goes to work for its clients every day. Comparable to the AP15 V3 model, this model is ideal for manufacturing/plant/logistics use. Unlike similar products on the marketplace today, the AcuPNL 17V3 has an incredibly fast processing speed thanks to its Intel 6th Gen i5/J1900 CPU feature. It is also able to operate in the harsh temperatures of -20C to 60C. Its other features include an IP65 Front Panel, the 1080P Full HD Display, and the HDMI/VGA Dual Display. The AcuPNL 17V3’s Customizable Hardware ensures that it will adjust to the individual needs of each client. Please contact one of our friendly sales reps today to find out how the AcuPNL 17V3 can serve to improve your business.