Understanding Major Challenges Associated With ERP Implementation & How To Overcome These

Undoubtedly, ERP offers tremendous advantages to business by eliminating inefficiencies associated with disparate systems. By connecting all the business processes together, ERP enables businesses in gaining an advantage over competitors by saving resources and responding swiftly to an ever-changing business environment. However, successfully ERP implementation is no more a cake walk and when it goes wrong, it is no less than a nightmare for any business. Implementation of ERP is not always simple. Organizations need to face lot of challenges while implementing it. Here are some of the potential ERP implementation challenges. Implementation Time – The duration for ERP implementation process can extend up to two years in some cases depending upon the business process. Furthermore, in traditional ERP implementation, the approach is more focused on delivering highly customized solution rather than adopting leading practices. This customization, at times, elongates the implementation time. Implementation Cost – In regular implementation approach, the scope is very loose and the budget is unclear as instead of focusing on best practices, ERP implementation consultants are more focused on delivering highly customized solution. Multiple rounds of Discovery and Build leads to scope creep and budget overruns. Technical Issues – “On-prem” ERP solutions not only require huge upfront cost but servers and other hardware also need to be revised. Apart from this, internal network, speed and bandwidth of the existing Internet access should be taken into consideration along with possible technical concerns about the mobile devices being used, if you’re going for traditional “On-premise” ERP solution. However, these challenges are not associated with cloud-based ERP system. So, deciding whether to go for on-prem or cloud-based is itself a daunting task and requires lot of brainstorming. Psychological Challenges – As human beings are resistant to change, there would be questions, issues and many hesitant or disinterested faces when you try to embrace new ERP system. So, you need to rope in every employee right from the start i.e., from planning to selection of the ERP solution. Project Managers need to keep employees excited about the system in advance explaining the benefits of how it can make things easier for them. NetSuite SuiteSuccess – A Perfect Solution to Address These Challenges NetSuite SuiteSuccess is strategic response to aches & pains of lengthy implementations. Engineered by Oracle by accumulating knowledge of countless successful ERP implementations, SuiteSuccess enables you to get up and running on NetSuite in 100 days with pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, reports and value-driven dashboards. NetSuite SuiteSuccess not only reduces the time it takes for requirements gathering after the project starts but also ensures that the scope is tightly aligned with customer expectations. NetSuite Implementation Partners can incorporate a phased approach in which the components most critical to your company go live first. With pre-configured NetSuite dashboards, you can get key departments such as accounting and the warehouse up and running ASAP. Furthermore, with SuiteSuccess, your employees work smarter, not harder. Businesses can streamline their operations, enabling employees to perform their duties more efficiently with automated workflows. Thus, by spending just one quarter, you can grow your business like never before with SuiteSuccess.