What Is The Conversational User Interface And Why Is IT Important?

The Conversational leads to a form of communication that simulates as if a human being had a normal conversation with someone else. Currently, the two most popular ways to interact with the conversational user interface are through real speech, think of Amazon’s Alexa or chat and write with a conversation chatbot, think of Facebook Messenger. We will focus on the latter. Why conversational Interface UIs are a good idea? In short, people are much better at talking to each other than a feeling that they communicate with “something” through technology. It is natural and innate. When we talk to a friend or a stranger, we can easily correct ourselves if we say something confusing or ill-spoken. Facebook Messenger and commerce A while back, Facebook integrated a chatbot API into Messenger that allowed Messenger users to engage with businesses on a whole new level through the conversational interface . You are not always talking directly business employees, but that’s what it feels like, that’s the experience. Nordstrom chatbot Let’s talk about Nordstrom a little bit. As more and more people become heavy mobile device users, it is agreat business idea to provide a smoother online shopping experience with your phone. Nordstrom saw the opportunity in 2016 and launched a chatbot that helps you find gift ideas for you in shopping. It’s an incredible business opportunity and incredible customer experience right where people feel most comfortable – your Messenger app. Since Nordstrom’s great success, other e-commerce and e-commerce companies have followed suit. The conversational user interface (UI) is simply a chatbot mechanism that processes language naturally as if you were sending text messages or talking to another human being. A typical technology experience, this includes computers, websites, and mobile applications. Although not all commerce chatbots allow browsing and shopping , you can still access relevant information, such as tracking an order. This experience is much more attractive than the one where you can only ask “where is my order?” Instead of checking your inbox or logging into the account of the particular website. Slack and the new way of searching for information Slack is famous for its chatbot, or more specifically, Slack bots. The application comes with its bot that you can easily interact with. You can integrate various applications with Slack, such as Google Calendar or Hangouts, Maker, Intro, Giphy or Statbot, which integrate with other applications such as Google Analytics. Then when you use Slackbot, you can get the necessary information or the necessary file as requested. Slack has revolutionized the way teams and companies do their daily work. It makes information easily accessible from a multitude of sources simply by requesting it. Digit! A chatbot-based savings application If you have noticed, we are talking more about user experience rather than user interfaces. That’s because the conversational user interface is about the conversational interface user experience. Facebook Messenger and Slack have their user interface, there is nothing you can do about it, but design the interactions and conversations chatbots will have with users.I hope this Article is helpful for my audiences.